Bishop Amos Elliott

Bishop Amos Elliott

This website is an out-reach  ministry of our assembly, Church Purchased With His Blood, an interracial Pentecostal fellowship in Charleston, SC.  This site is mainly devoted to the True Message of  The Cross, in-which God is calling His Church back to.  It is not ironic that the True Message of The Cross is the “Original” teaching of the early (first century) church, it is the Great foundational doctrine for the redeemed  saint and unredeemed sinner alike. Christ, and the Apostles built the overcoming Church apon His Death, Burial, glorious Resurrection, Ascension and Exaltation. However, we  must know that the eternal Victory of the believer was won “Exclusively”  by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, on the Cross over 2000 years previous.  Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Sacrificially shed His precious, pure, innocent and sinless blood, Atoning for the sin of Mankind and He! Satisfied the demands of the Broken Law for a thrice Holy God, whom, Lord Jesus sat down at the right hand of God the Father after He made a propitiation for our sins.  And, when we  evidence Faith Exclusively in Christ and that finish (Cross) work, the Holy Spirit is only then, free, to move mightily in our lives to work on our behalf, and give unto Believers by the Holy Spirit Christ Victory which will become evident in that True Child of God’s earthly sojourn.

Graduate: Emanuel Bible College in Nashville Tennessee Th.D. Senior Pastor: Church Purchased With His Blood. 1021 Fiall St. Charleston, SC. 29407 -20 years.

Bishop Amos Elliott’s teachings are exclusively Bible based, with focus on “The Message Of The Cross Of Christ” and all its “anointed power” made available by Salvation, Justification, Mercy, Sanctification, Redemption, Edification, Faith, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Baptism into Christ, His all sufficient Grace and much more through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Vicarious atoning death on Calvary where He Spoiled and Triumphed over principalities and powers.


Why we are a citadel of hope in these times?

We’re determine to be Different from today’s Modern Churches. It’s so difficult to find a church that is following the Word of God tooth and nails, so by the enabling Grace of Christ and the Cross poured out to us ward, it shall be done and we decree it in Christ!

Provided that you are Truly searching for a Relationship with Christ and do not desire Religion, or any Prosperity Message, or New Age Preaching, Motivational Coaches (ministers) or False Teaching, you will Love to be Part of what we are doing here at The Message Of The Cross Church. We need to Pervade the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Blood of Jesus Christ, Makes the Sinner who’s Bound free, and sets free the Child of God who might have a battle with sin.

Also Eternal Life, likewise Restores  Families, Helps Families give their Children and youth another explanation behind life and in addition every one of us, thus a great deal more, all in light of The Message Of The Cross.